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A favorite 60's family show that has been turned into movies and now a light sequence to be enjoyed by all!


Models Sequenced:

EFL: Bigda Fans, Showstopper Spinner, Singing Ghosts, Singing Pumpkin


Boscoyo: Monster, Bats, Singing Pumpkin, Black Widow Spider W/corner web, Tombstones, Tune to Sign, Chatty Ghosts, and Black Cat


Gilbert Engineering: Rosa Wreath, Spooky Tree, RIP Tombstone, Flying Bats


Custom Christmas Creations: Singing Gargoyle, Witch W/Cat on Broom, Witch with Singing Cauldron


Others:  Custom Ghosts, Arch’s, Window Outlines, Verticals, Horizontals, Native Spinners, Virtual Matrix, Mega Tree, DMX Floods and Moving Heads


Groups Used:  All, Arches, Bigda Fans, Rosa Wreath (all groups), Bats, Ghosts, Verticals, Horizontals, Spinners, House all, House Props, Yard, Roof, House Outline, Windows and Graveyard


Sequence includes a Lyric track


If you need to download the song, the link will take you to an album page with the song highlighted. Click on the 3 dots to buy the individual song.


The Addams Family - TV Series Theme

SKU: HA0006
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