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Lights on Abby brings joy through lights by providing exceptional custom XLights sequences that weave a story along with music to bring your show to life with each song played. What started off as a hobby has turned into a passion. All of our sequences on this site are created by us with our own style. We look for unique songs as well as up and coming artists that provide a unique twist or fun spin on songs for the holiday seasons. We also create sequences that honor the classics to provide a visual experience that viewers will remember throughout the year.


In addition to our sequences, our expertise includes the configuration of XLights, customized sequencing and end user support for all aspects of XLights. Other services offered are Custom Sequencing, Mapping your layout, Consultations, and 1:1 Training.


During the year, we create free training for those of you who like to do-it-yourself and post to this website and our YouTube channel. We also join others in the hobby in providing free support in the Xlights Zoom room where volunteers pay it forward and give back to the Xlights community.

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy our products and services as we continue to empower others to spread joy through lights throughout each of our communities.

David and Teresa Robinson

The owners of Lights on Abby
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