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"Oh Santa!" differs from many Christmas songs in that the tempo is upbeat and energetic. Performed by three of American's top singers, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Husdon and Ariana Grande, they are asking Santa to bring their partners back in time for Christmas. With those voices and this lively sequence, how could he do anything other than make that happen for them? This is a great sequence to add to your show to vary the tempo and keep viewer interest.


Models sequenced: 

EFL: Fan Arches (Bigda Fans), Singing Trees with bow and star toppers, Showstopper Snowflake, Singing Snowman, NSR Spiral Trees, Showstopper Spinner


Boscoyo: Snowflakes, Ornaments, 23” and 36” layered stars, Medium and Large Mini trees with stars, Tune to Sign


Gilbert Engineering: Rosa Wreath


Others: Custom snowflakes, Arch’s, RBL’s, Window and door frames, Icicles, Cube, Verticals, Horizontals, Candy Canes, Spinners, Virtual Matrix, Mega Tree, Moving Heads, DMX Floods, Pixel Forest


Groups Used:  All, Mini Trees, Arches, Bigda Fans, Rosa Wreath (all groups), Ornaments, Snowflakes, Verticals, Horizontals, Spinners, House all, House Props, Stars, Yard, Roof, House Outline, NSR Trees


Sequence includes a Lyric track


If you need to download the song, the link will take you to an album page with the song highlighted. Click on the 3 dots to buy the individual song.


Oh Santa! - Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson & Ariana Grande

SKU: CH0021
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  • To view the light show sequence, CLICK HERE.

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